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Viewpoints and Object Theatre Workshop October 4th

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This is to register for the October 4th Viewpoints and Object Theatre Workshop. Register for the October 25th workshop hereThe workshop IS free! You will be asked for billing information when you check out but you will not be charged! 

Bring an object from home (or elsewhere) to the workshop - an inanimate thing that can be played with and puppeteered. 

In conjunction with the AntiGravity Theatre Project's Residency@95 and presentation of Yermedea Raw, stage director Kym Moore and puppet director/designer Alejandra Prieto will teach workshops on the use of viewpoints for theatrical generation and the fundamentals of object theatre.

The workshops will take place on Thursday, October 4th and Thursday, October 25th from 7 - 10PM; one before and one after Yermedea's performances from October 11th - 14th at 95 Empire.  

Both workshops are free-of-charge and will take place in the dance studio at 95 Empire. Actors, directors, designers and theatremakers across the spectrum are encouraged to attend!

Viewpoints is a method of composition that provides a vocabulary (space, story, time, emotion, movement, and shape) for thinking about acting and theatrical generation through movement and gesture.  Originally developed by choreographer Mary Overlie, the method was applied for the theatrical stage by director Anne Bogart (former artistic director of Trinity Rep).  Object Theatre concerns the exploration and manipulation of "objects" as puppets and living symbols of meaning.