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Prime Action 4 week Workshop (Technique & Repertory)

Prime Action 4 week Workshop (Technique & Repertory)

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Prime Action is a contemporary movement/dance training which employs African diasporic and modern dance movement principles for a rigorous practice of attention to detail and intention of action (Prime Action). The four-part class structure offers each participant the opportunity to work towards the development of their mental, physical and spiritual strength and expressivity.

REPERTORY: Learn phrase material from kisi work. This duet was inspired by the mother and child Kongo figure(s) which symbolizes the essential role that women play in sustaining and extending their kin group. kisi work is a ritual action in which “mother-woman” prepares her “child-boy” for his life ahead and her transition.

Kisi Work



Class dates: Thursdays, June 14, 21, 28, July 5 6:30pm-9pm
(open class showing on 5th for those who wish to participate)
Technique. 6:30 - 8p
Repertory: 8 - 9p

INSTRUCTOR: yon Tande is a dance and performance artist, culture worker and BLACK SEED Native committed to culture as catalyst. His work centers around cultivating the individual and collective spirit through performance, education and curation. His works have been presented through AS220, RISD, chashama, Defibrillator, Kumble Theater, La Mama, Grace Exhibition Space, Panoply Performance Laboratory, and in the streets of NYC, Chicago and Detroit. yon Tande is co-creator of Denizen Arts: with Jude Sandy.

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