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Monitor & Key Member Dues

Monitor & Key Member Dues

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Monitor Members pay $40/month and volunteer three 4-hour shifts (or 12 hours) per month, in exchange for 8 blocks of  time per month to use in the Industries (Printshop, Labs, Media Arts) during open hours (10am-10pm Wed-Thu, 10am-6pm Fri-Sun).  

A 3-month minimum commitment is required for Monitor Membership.

In order to be a Monitor Member you must sign a Membership Contract (available in the Printshop, Labs, and Media Arts lab), and schedule a Monitor Training Session with a Key Member or AS220 Staff.

We encourage Monitor Members to sign up for a monthly recurring payment - just click on the PayPal "Subscribe" button below.  You'll never forget to pay your dues, or get nagged by us!  And you can cancel it easily if you need to.

For more information about Monitor Membership, contact the Industries Coordinator:




Need a locker to store your Arduinos, gym shorts, and lab materials? Sign up for a locker! Make sure to ask  a staff member before signing up to make sure we have available space.

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