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Silkscreening on Apparel with Paris!

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An introductory level apparel printing class for beginners of all ages!

Saturdays, June 29 + July 6, 2-5pm

For people of all colors and ages interested to print a particular image on a shirt, jacket, or other fabric item. Students will have time in the AS220 printshop with AS220 Industries member Paris Paris. In this workshop, the instructor will teach the proper techniques to use a silkscreen for fabric printing. Graphic images will be transferred to fabric and paper in a process called screenprinting.

Bring an idea and clothing you want to print on and we'll show you how it's done!

The first class will be dedicated to designing and creating proper and efficient designs/artwork for silkscreen. Students will get hands-on experience creating silkscreen negatives by hand and/or digitally.

The second class will be dedicated to teaching students about the dark room and how to properly prep a silk-screen for print. Students will get hands on experience with various printing and registration techniques as-well as troubleshooting.

Instructor: Paris!

Supplies you will need to bring/purchase

  • Imagery to work from - illustrations or computer files on a flash drive or in your email.  Keep it simple at first: 2 colors, text should be at least 8pt, avoid very thin line work.
  • Fabric (t-shirts, shirts, jackets, pants, fabric, etc)
  • Acetate or frosted mylar for drawing designs (you may also print out or photocopy images onto acetate using our laser printer; see Supplies we provide below)
  • Opaque drawing tools (your choice of oil-based paint marker, poster paint marker, fast drying ink for film; we recommend "Permapaque")
  • Acrylic or textile printing ink, any color; Speedball brand recommended for beginners
  • Masking tape and/or clear shipping tape (Scotch brand; anything else might damage screens!)
  • Pad of newsprint
  • Paper (any type will work, Bristol pads, printmaking papers)

Supplies we provide:

  • A service to transfer images onto 8.5" x 11"acetate via laser printer/copier,  $1 each
  • Screens
  • Squeegees
  • Spatulas, spoons, ink mixing containers and implements
  • Photo-emulsion
  • Scoop coaters
  • Stencil remover
  • Degreaser
  • Rags, sponges, brushes, etc.

Location and Parking

The AS220 Printshop is located in the Mercantile building at 131 Washington Street Providence, Rhode Island, on the 1st and 2nd floors. The shop's entrance is located at the back of the building on Lucie Way (Martha Street on GPS and computers); ring the bell by the double doors. There is 2 hour metered on-street parking available, bring your quarters. We are also located near a parking garage with entry on Washington Street, look for the big blue parking sign.

Important Class Policies

Please be respectful of the short time you and the other participants have to learn, and arrive on time. If you are more than half an hour late, we will not be able to teach you what you signed up for. Plan ahead, it always takes time to find on-street parking.

To cancel your reservation, you must email at least two weeks in advance, or risk losing your payment.


If minimum number is not met in class enrollment, the teacher may opt to cancel class. If this is the case, we will give a full refund of class payment and first choice to enroll in future classes. We will attempt to give as much notice as possible.

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