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MARDO, Steve. "AS220 Bigfoot"

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Digital print


12" X 16"


Steve Mardo is an illustrator from Rhode Island. he has studied at the School of Visual Arts in new York and received his BFA in Illustration from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. 

"My work is based on a combination of influences that range from comic book art to pulp sci-fi illustration and all the other influences that come from being a child of the 80's. Growing up, these outlets impacted the way I look at art and myself. The work is a coming of age collection embracing the oddities of my imagination. After years of development; personal, collective, self-taught and educated I now embrace my style subject matter and voice.My work is created in pen & ink and digital colored. I enjoy the balance and manipulation that comes from digital along with the stark color and texture that can be created. Much of my art is narrative but also left to the viewer’s imagination. Personally these characters and setting have as much history and are as much alive as any other form of fiction. My hope for these illustrations is to bring my imagination to life and to make the viewer rekindle a small spark of childish escape in their own mind."

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