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AS220 Membership


Are you looking for an AS220 Industries Membership?

AS220 Membership includes:

· $1 off entrance to the AS220 Performance Space
· AS220 sticker
· Beer upgrades at AS220 Bar. Half off fountain drinks.
· 15% off workshops at the AS220 Industries
· 10% off artwork purchases at any of our galleries & online
· 10% discount at Merchant Member businesses

Fully tax deductible.

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Locations & Contacts

AS220 Industries
Mercantile Block, 131 Washington Street, Lucie Way Entrance, Providence, RI.

95 Empire, 95 Empire Street
Providence, RI. Black Box, first floor; classrooms, second floor; dance studio, third floor.

Beth Brandon,
Industries Coordinator

Lara Henderson, Printshop Manager

James Rutter, Labs Manager

Chris Anderson, Media Arts Manager

Betsy Miller,
95 Empire Dance Coordinator

Neal Walsh, Gallery Director